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We are continually expanding our list of services to serve you better. Here are some of what our innovative and experienced team does best here! Bidot is using the most modern and most demanded technologies to create an outstanding project.
Data Security

Data security can impact both the organization’s key assets and private data belonging to its customers. At Bidot Tech, we analyze your needs and improve your security posture by combining several of the following techniques: Data discovery and classification, Data masking, Identity access management, Data encryption, Data loss prevention, Governance, risk, and compliance, Password hygiene, Authentication and authorization, Data security audits, as well as Anti-malware, antivirus, and endpoint protection.

Healthcare IT Solution
Mobile Application Development
Secure Data Transfer

Our key areas of technical knowledge

Product Design
UI/UX, Mobile App Design, Web Design, Brand Identity, Illustrations

Mobile Apps

Industry Analysis
Scientific research, Data Analysis, Analyse Competitors, Strategic Planning


Cloud Computing Solution

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